7 Easy Steps To Creating a Long-Lasting Brand

7 steps to creating a long-lasting brand. Creating authentic brands does not have be difficult. If you’re forthright in ...
7i digital marketing methodology by John Kostak, web development usa

7 steps to creating a long-lasting brand. Creating authentic brands does not have be difficult. If you’re forthright in your marketing, your message and voice will resonate with people to the degree of which they’ll become advocates for your mission and not just customers.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of digital marketing tacticians out there who impress with their skill sets when it comes to using the latest platforms and tools. Unfortunately, quite a few of our clients have shared with us their experiences and frustrations about paying a lot of money to move the awareness and conversion needles, either erratically or up, for what came to be a short period of time.


Online platforms like Facebook, cable, streaming and device marketing now all make up a larger digital ad spend than traditional marketing solutions like radio, billboard, print news and trade publications. The internet’s indexing and crawler technologies deployed by tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, are very sophisticated too. They score and filter content based on its merits, originality and consistency. In fact, a company can actually be put in sort of a virtual penalty box for as long as a year for content and messaging infractions.


There are two great points about the current state of the digital marketplace. First, a business doesn’t have to have a big marketing and advertising budget to see results! Any company should be able to set a spend level they can afford and see a return on that investment, even if it’s one dollar. And second, it’s easy to break through the white noise and establish new growth and a new brand for the long-term if you have the patience and a process from which to be a little strategic.


We use a simple method and workflow process for discovering and planning the exploiting the REAL YOU! Published to encourage everyone to pause for thought, we call this the 7i wheel of innovation.  It’s a proven agile framework that has been evolving with us for many years. It’s also a lot of fun sharing its inner workings with customers, as we use it every day for branding, web development and SEO coding work.

We’ll take you for a test run on the wheel during a FREE assessment! Are you ready?

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