New Algorithms That Prioritize Content Won’t Be Enough

New Algorithms That Prioritize Original Content Won't Be Enough. Demand Generation Just Pivoted For Good. And More ...
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New Algorithms That Prioritize Original Content Won’t Be Enough. Demand Generation Just Pivoted For Good. And More Organic Content Is Not Enough To Break Through

How to Create Great Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, PR and Blogging).


Given the latest news about the Instagram and Facebook algorithm changes, demand generation marketing teams around the world are going to be reacting the same way and emphasize more organic content and more original and creative context.

It won’t be enough.

Yes, your posts will be more original and relevant but your time-consuming effort will still stand a good chance of getting lost in the social media abyss of white noise. Why? Everyone has now migrated to a higher contextual ground in their messaging in the attempt to be different and memorable to break through the online traffic or even go viral.


“The challenge to stand out and build advocacy for brands and causes via social media has gone full circle. Facebook and Google algorithms are toughening up and scoring better for propagation only original and unique story lines”


Demand Generation Content that Breaks Through and Wins Every Time – How We Did It


We built and implemented a social media marketing strategy with an algorithm (7i Builder) that automatically lays out the framework and order of the best themes, message strings, context, calls-to-action, etc. It utilizes elements within the customer’s strategic marketing plan, like distinct competencies for example.

For demand generation content to consistently break through and perform, you’ll need more than just organic content. A system approach utilizing technology, strategy and innovation is how we’re doing it. Please reach out to us for more information about our solution and how we can help you.


See you on the grid.


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