SEO and Branding Go Together Like PBJ

SEO and Branding go together like PBJ. It's hard to fathom a peanut butter sandwich without jelly, right? Ok, you could go
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SEO and Branding go together like PBJ. It’s hard to fathom a peanut butter sandwich without jelly, right? Ok, you could go off-road a little and substitute jelly with banana, but the PBJ is and always will be a classic combo! The same thing is turning out to be true for search engine optimization (SEO) and branding.

Some iconic brands, like
Chanel, Virgin and Mercedes-Benz, were late to the SEO game but had spent years honing their voice, promise and experience. They were appearing on the digital grid and building massive organic traffic to their websites without SEO because they had created and published a vast amount of content that was constantly reinforcing their distinct competencies and innermost value.

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website and other digital assets to increase their visibility when people search for phrases and keywords that are associated with you and your brand. The better defined your keywords and phrases are from your marketing notes, or from helpful tools like a message grid or taxonomy plan, the better you’ll be able to build a master digital SEO grid that harnesses your organic traffic along with your general industry category traffic – driving MORE of the right traffic (YOUR traffic) to you!

As you establish and grow your brand with search engine optimization, you’re creating a tapestry of advocates who are bought into what you are all about, creating more influencers (who are the major marketing persuaders of today!) which drives traffic back to your website.  All of this becomes valuable and can be measured in terms of conversions to purchases but also in brand equity that will increase your business’s valuation.

If you were to try and buy that kind of unique, organic traffic, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

At Web Development USA, we save customers time and money helping them develop their brand(s) along with SEO utilizing our own methodology. We work with you and your team to discover your ideal brand attributes like vision, voice, promise and the leadership role it should play. We maps those to your value propositions and SEO strategy to enable your ideal digital world. Oh, and we also sometimes spot for PBJs during our client meetings!

See you on the grid.


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