What is SEO and How To Boost Rankings and Drive Traffic?

What is SEO and how to drive traffic and boost rankings? As a small business owner, entrepreneur, or CEO, you understand the importance of ranking high in
using seo to drive blog traffic

What is SEO and How To Boost Rankings and Drive Traffic Utilizing An SEO Checklist for Blog Posts?

Featuring The 7I Marketing Mix System

What is SEO and how to drive traffic and boost rankings? As a small business owner, entrepreneur, or CEO, you understand the importance of ranking high in Google searches and attracting strategic traffic to your website. But with over 3.5 billion daily searches, how do you ensure your blog post appears in the top results?

The key is utilizing Web Development USA’s 7I Marketing Mix System and following an SEO checklist. This system was designed by John Kostak, Founder and Happy Digital Marketer of Web Development USA, specifically for small businesses looking to build their brand, drive more of the right traffic to them and sustain new growth.

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By following this system and implementing the tips in this SEO checklist, you can give your blog post the best chance at appearing in those coveted top spots on Google search results pages. So let’s get started!

Define your current campaign target audience and what they want to learn from your blog post

If you want to boost the rankings of your strategic blog post, then you need to ask yourself: Who is my campaign target audience and what do they want to learn? It’s important to understand current trends in your industry, and how it relates to the unique needs of your target audience. Doing so will allow you to craft effective blog posts that will position you as an authority in the marketplace. By doing this you’ll stand out amongst the 3.5 billion searches per day on Google and be one of the first five results clicked on 67% of the time.

To ensure you’re meeting users’ needs, it’s important to consider the intent which drives their searches. Analyzing search results for relevant keywords can give us insights into what those intentions are. Take SEO, for example, when we search ‘SEO’ we first find companies offering SEO services.

SEO search example

In this search, our company was first on the list and then we are followed by a potential competitor and then a few related how-to links and definitions–revealing that there is interest in understanding not only our company’s or a potential competitor’s SEO services but also the basic ideas behind SEO implementations. Therefore, it would be smart to utilize and include the SEO keyphrase “What is SEO and How To” in the blog post, which is EXACTLY what we are doing here!

Write a catchy headline that accurately reflects the content of your article

Ready to grab the attention of your readers? Make a statement that sums up your article and encourages readers to click through. To maximize the power of your headline, use keywords and phrases strategically. This will help readers understand what they can expect from your blog post as well as provide search engine optimization (SEO) benefits by helping Google better understand the content of your article.

Create keyword-rich meta descriptions for each blog post that also tie in distinct competencies

With a few strategic words and phrases, your meta description can be the key to driving more people back to your site. Take time crafting this “elevator pitch” for each of your blog posts so it promises to meet search intent while also appealing to social media users. A strong meta description is like an invitation – make sure yours entices readers by including relevant keywords that tell them exactly what they’ll find when visiting you!

Use images, infographics, and videos to break up text and add visual interest

Adding images, infographics, and videos to your blog posts is a great way to break up long text and make content appealing to readers.

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They can also link to relevant internal and external resources – making it easy for users to find more information on the topic. In addition, categories and tags will help organize content on your blog, while writing the best piece of content on the topic will increase its popularity. Last but not least, don’t forget to encourage social media shares too – with Google receiving 3.5 billion searches every day, you won’t want them missing out on your blog due to a low ranking; 67% of users click on the first few results!

Links and images

If you’re looking to increase your website’s visibility, it pays off, in the long run, to link out – but only if they are high-quality and relevant. Knowing when the usage of a dofollow or nofollow link is necessary will help ensure that search engines associate your site with those of similar values. When building backlink profiles for our sites, consider Domain Rating as an indicator; statistics have shown this plays into how websites rank! To give you and your content the best chance at success, develop a habit of internal linking. It’s an easy way to effortlessly build relationships between old and new posts while passing link equity throughout your site. Not only that – don’t forget to go back occasionally when editing older articles so you can link them up with any recent pieces too! Doing this will ensure great on-page SEO performance for each post and all associated links in the process. Lastly, To get the attention of your readers and see your content skyrocket in search engines, give it that extra flair with captivating visuals – find royalty-free images on resources like Canva or Pexels to make sure you’re not infringing any copyright.

Promote your blog post across social media channels

To promote your blog post across social media channels and boost your blog post rankings, there are several easy strategies worth considering. To help encourage social media readers to share your content, be sure to include social media icons on the blog post itself so that viewers can quickly and easily share with a few clicks. Web Development USA adds Twitter Cards which will make your Tweets stand out on Twitter, resulting in more clicks and shares. To increase the chances of social media promotion, using a Lead Capture plugin like OptinMonster will create attention-grabbing popup campaigns that invite viewers to spread the word about your content. Incorporating these steps into your workflow will maximize visibility and drive more strategic traffic while utilizing the 7I Marketing Mix System’s methodology and SEO checklist.

By following the 7I Marketing Mix System and utilizing our SEO checklist, you will be well on your way to ranking higher in Google searches and driving more strategic traffic to your blog. Don’t forget to preview your post before publishing and consider if there is anything else you can do to give your post the attention it deserves. These small steps will make a big difference in bringing readers to your content. For more information on SEO or SEO services, contact your Web Development USA happy digital marketer!

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